Boycott Disney.

DisneyWorld announced that they will start using facial recognition as tickets for admission to the theme park. This is just one more step down the road to total control; just like China. Disney has always cooperated with the federal government; sometimes in the open, sometimes covertly. Disney worked with the feds in WWII, but then, who didn't? It was unpatriotic not to. Who was among the first to be notified during the attacks of 9/11? Disney. There is little doubt that when the FBI or other federal agency asks for Disney's facial recognition files, that the company will hand them over, no warrant required. People are afraid of the government taking away their guns but they will willingly submit to surveillance, for no other reason than to increase profits for Disney. If this becomes the standard, there will be no public place--theme parks, sports events, concerts, etc.--that won't follow suit. Americans are afraid of the term, "socialism," but they will accept it by another name, "efficiency." The next step will be to make all payments via your mobile phone. Won't that be great. My identity and that of family members was stolen by foreign agents from the most secure place in America--the Department of Defense. My identity and financial information was more recently stolen from an insurance company vault. Disney has theme parks in Hong Kong and mainland China. The odds are better than even that China will have access to all Disney facial recognition files, either complicity or covertly. If the Pentagon can be hacked, Disney can be hacked. China is already treating its citizens like criminals. Do you want that same thing to become the norm in America? Resist, resist, resist.

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